As you know, the libretto of Iolanthe was written by Sir William Schenk Gilbert, and the music was written by Sir Arthur S. Sullivan. Now that we have that out of the way, please allow the humble cartoonist to introduce himself.

  What, you thought I'd put a picture of myself up here? Please ... if you're really serious about seeing my odd little face, you'll probably figure out a way or two.

  Anyway ... Luprand is a college student with just enough free time to scribble up one thing or another ... so he's focusing some of that sketchery toward butchering the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Previous works of his include NeTrek the dot-comic and Class Act, a comic for his high school newspaper. He's currently working on another webcomic, Torio, with Nathan Reich, whom he hasn't technically met before; he also has an art page that he puts things on occasionally. Should you wish to make a comment or have a question, you may reach him either by e-mail or via AOL Instant Messenger as Luprand2003.

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The libretto is copyrighted to one William Gilbert, deceased, and possibly to the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, and is used without their permission. Should they complain, I will gladly take the site down. The pictures here, unless marked otherwise, are the intellectual property of Simon Shepherd. Please don't take without giving credit where credit is due.